Sponsor packages

General information

You can contact us with questions regarding sponsorship at info@xpdaysbenelux.org

The following is within all of our packages. This is our basic sponsor package 

  • The sponsor may mention the conference if the sponsor wants to.  This can either be on social media, their website, newsletters or any other kind of mailings.
    • We prefer that you do mention us. 
    • Our social media accounts can be found at this website
    • We will gladly provide a high quality version of our logo.  Just ask! 
    • We can write a text for promotional purposes but you can do as you please as long as it fits within our code of conduct.
  • XP Days Benelux will mention the sponsor. This can be in mailings, social media and on our website.
    • We prefer that you provide us with a high quality image of your logo.
    • You can provide a promotional text to use for marketing purposes, but we do not garantuee to use it.
  • The sponsor has the opportunity to add something to the goodie bag. The content has to be approved by the XP Days committee.
  • Sponsor packages do NOT include a free admission ticket unless explicitly mentioned.