Selection Process

We intend to create an attractive program with high-quality sessions. During review and selection, your session will get bonus points when:

  • You have no slides. Think outside the box and sharpen your story telling skills.
  • It appeals to both technical and functional people. Involve the geeks, challenge the managers.
  • It has the XP Factor. Is it entertaining and crazy? Does it take people out of their comfort zone?
  • You’ve done a session dry run. Did you join one of our try-outs? Did you send a video introduction?
  • Your subject is fresh and original. Maybe something outside the domain of IT?
  • It has an original format. Doing something with fruit? Are there any sports involved? Great!
  • Your session poses a question instead of giving an answer.
  • If you’re new to presenting at XP Days. First timers receive a warm welcome!
  • You’ve participated in the perfection game for at least 3 other sessions

Session review criteria

Keep in mind the following review criteria, and remember that the best way to get to a high-quality session is by trying it out and improving based on the honest feedback.

  • Who will be interested in this topic? Would you go to this session?
  • Is the description clear and inviting? Will it attract its intended audience?
  • What value will this session bring to participants and organizers?
  • Why is this subject relevant to agile & beyond?
  • How does this session fit the conference?
  • What’s innovative and unusual about the session? topic, format, …
  • Does the session also address why things (don’t) work, and not just ‘what’ and ‘how’?
  • Is the session structured in such a way that its objectives can be reached?
  • Is the timetable realistic?
  • How does the session format facilitate learning?
  • What are the expected results and outputs? Can these be communicated to people who were not at the session

We strive to make the process open and transparent by involving the community. There’s, however, no such thing as a completely objective selection process. As a program committee, we will also apply some other criteria:

  • Diversity of presenters; balance between experienced and new presenters; presenters from different countries; presenters of different gender
  • Diversity of session formats
  • Diversity of topics: hands-on technical stuff, process related, management, coaching…
  • Diversity of prerequisite knowledge or experience needed from the participants
  • Balance between real world experiences, tools & techniques, innovative ideas
  • A maximum of 2 sessions per presenter and no more than 1 session per presenter per day
  • The involvement of the presenter in the perfection game (to review sessions of other presenters)

Session voting

About two months before the session selection for the conference programme, presenters get the opportunity to vote for sessions to take part in the programme.

Rules of the game:

  • You can cast one vote per session
  • You can cast 10 votes (or less)
  • You can vote for your own session(s)
  • The order of the votes is not important
  • Your votes will not be visible to the other submitters, only to the program committee

Voting will close on 15/8. You can vote in the session tool.

Selected sessions

The presenters of the sessions selected for the program will receive one free ticket to the conference. If you have already bought a ticket, it will be refunded.

If you are not selected

Presenters whose session(s) have not been selected will be able to buy an entrance ticket at Early Bird rate if they meet the following criteria:

  • They filled out a complete proposal
  • They processed other peoples review comments
  • They reviewed at least 3 other sessions