Friendly faces

Those faces belong to the organisers. 

So you can always come and say Hi! to us at the conference. Or you can just smile and wave. 

Peter Latten

Agile Coach

Specialised in making teams highly effective, a skilled facilitator using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® as well as TeamPitfalls® methods for communication and interaction.

Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse

Scrum Master, Agile Coach

Helps teams and organisations to become more effective. He guides leaders to better serve business goals and improve collaboration.

Dimitri Bauwens

Teamleader, Scrum Master

Building highly effective teams who optimise customer value creation. He masters (visual) facilitation for small and large groups using various techniques.

Karen De Boeck

lean- agile coach

Incrementally implements business agility using ‘Teamleren’ (L. Dorlandt, R- A Collaris), scaled methodologies (SAFe) and mindset change.

Herlinda Maes

Tribe Coach

With a focus on systemic change to optimise value creation with the right quality focus, while creating time for teams to work on longer term company goals & innovation.

Frank Eggink

Scrum Master, Agile Coach

Supports organisations, teams and individuals. He is an innovator that challenges the status quo and implements a learning culture.

Marcel Wijkstra

Senior Software Developer

Developing user stories for a greener, more social, safer planet while favoring simplicity and elegance over complex and hard-to-maintain solutions.

Dana Garcia

Product Owner (coach)

Taking the edges off problems, finds agreements between stakeholders, identifies underlying needs and manages expectations with realistic product roadmaps.

September 2022

The organising team of the first edition ever in Luxemburg. 

May 2023

Organising team Best of XP Days Benelux 2023. 

May 2022

Organising team Best of (mini) XP Days Benelux 2022. 

November 2016

Organising team in our well known location Kapellerput of the edition in November 2016