XP Days Benelux 2022 conference finished

The XP days 2022 is already over. We hosted 40 sessions full of insights, listened to 130 curious attendees and heard their stories. And we came back with a bucket full of good techniques to use, advice to try, pitfalls to evade.

So it is over for 2022. That’s too bad if you haven’t attended yet, but not to worry. We will be back in 2023. Want to relive the event? you can check what we did here!

The Mini XP days will be in May at a venue in Belgium (region Antwerp). More info will follow soon!

The XP Days Benelux 2023 will be a celebratory one. 20 years of XP days! This will be at our normal date in november (23/24 November 2023) and the venue will be kapellerput in The Netherlands. More info will follow beginning 2023. If you want already have your spot secured? Look at our sponsor opportunities for 2023!

XP Days Benelux

XP Days Benelux is a conference made for, and by the Agile Community, in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

It focuses on practical knowledge, real-world experience, and the active participation of everyone.

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