2023 XP Days Benelux

We celebrate 20 years of XP Days Benelux!

XP Days Benelux 2023 will take place in Heeze (NL) at the well known venue “Kapellerput” on 23 and 24 November 2023. We are currently speaking with the hotel to confirm on how rooms should be booked and whether there will be a discount or not.


This is going to be a celibratory edition, as it is 20 years ago that the very first XP Days Benelux were organized.

Ever Presented? Organised?

Everybody who has helped organizing those XP Days in these past twenty years, as well as everyone who has been a presenter, is hereby invited to contact the current organizers for more details.

In the e-mail, please use “former preseter” and/or “former organiser” in the subject. It is practical to us when you state your full name, social media (LinkedIn / Twitter ,… ) where we can tag you, how many times you presented or how many times you organised (or what years). All you can recall, we would like to know!