2022 XP Days Benelux sponsors

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Agile Partner is the leader in Luxembourg for Agile Software Development and Agile coaching since 2004! We believe in the possibility to deliver high value to our customers while offering a fulfilling environment to our staff. That’s why we have built an open organization in which everyone is encouraged to develop her skills and engage to serve our customers in a joyful way.

In this time of great uncertainty, businesses need to develop their digital and agile capabilities. We are here to support this journey with a responsible approach so that our customers can have a positive and sustainable impact on the world!

At icapps, we thrive on top-notch applications, innovative technologies, and future-proof products with a steady, solid base. We guide organizations through their digital journey from A to Z, or from wherever they want us to get involved. We challenge our customers and inspire them to find the best fitting digital solution to enrich the daily life of their users.

No matter the scope, your project is safe with us. Together, we Think, Build and Care.

Event sponsors

Pictet Technologies first and most important mission is to partner with Pictet’s product teams to build the most secure, innovative, valuable software solutions for wealth managers, professional investors, fund managers, asset managers and other professionals in the Pictet Group.

We have a safe and inclusive workplace. We empower and expect people to make decisions. We are convinced that working as a team is the most efficient way to deliver the best solutions. As a learning organization, we value experience and deeply encourage knowledge sharing for all. We think long-term, avoiding shortcuts and quality trade-offs. We are passionate professionals who strive for excellence and continuous improvement. Since our creation, we have been elected Great Place To Work 5 times in a row.

We are in a privileged position, at the crossroads of the tech start-up and highly regulated banking environments. We combine cloud development and DevOps expertise to foster high-quality and innovative solutions for Pictet group users. We have a diversity of expertise from mobile dev and modern architectural practices to cyber security and methodology expertise for the financial ecosystem. Our teams, composed of talented and skilled experts from around the world, self-organize to share knowledge and build unique and innovative solutions all together.

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At Adjugo, we believe in the strength of positivity and enthusiasm. We help teams and leaders to grow in mindset and discover better ways to offer innovative and desirable products and services to your customers. We assist your organization and teams when you want to adopt the new, lean-agile way of working based on happy, self-organizing teams.

At Connective Partners, we know change will only happen when teams see the usefulness to them. If it solves a problem or brings a real benefit, that ways up to the cost (to them). This is why our certified team coaches, organization guides, and trainers connect to your people. We use experience exercises and interaction to challenge existing mental models. We see methods and frameworks, not as bibles, but as toolboxes. Together we pick the tool that are most useful to solve a present tension.

At Connective Partners, we believe that all the capacity to make your organization successful is already present in your people. Our job is to bring out their wisdom and creativity to make it happen.

As Dstny, are we the umpteenth typical telecom provider? No, we’re really not that. Resting on our laurels? It’s not in our DNA. Our ambition is to be the European challenger for SMEs in Secure Cloud Communication services! How do we do that? We are led by our CORE values. Commit, Own, Respect, Empower. As it should be. We grow fast in a sustainable and healthy way, where people, processes and systems are in balance. Growing by learning from each other. As it should be. Proud to be nominated as ‘Finalist for the award of Onderneming van het jaar 2021’.

At iLean, we bring in more than 15 years of experience and a team of experienced coaches, consultants and trainers to passionately change the world of work. We support teams in unleashing their full potential, helping them to work together in the most effective way possible and grow an effective learning organisation.

Our mission is to help organisations develop the right organisational competencies in a sustainable way so that they can stay relevant and deal with the growing amount of complexity. Through consultancy and our intensive in-depth Klimaks training program, we support business and operational leaders, agile (team) coaches, and teams to become a catalyst for business agility and real sustainable growth. We guide you on your journey to healthy, no-nonsense Agility.