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Why attend?

Because you learn something while having fun!

Hands-on workshops, juicy discussions, and plenty of chances to mingle and make connections with kindred spirits. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into the agile waters, this conference has got your back. It’s all about soaking up insights, getting inspired, and gearing up to crush it in the world of agility


you will get

XP Days Benelux is not just any conference; it is one designed by the community, for the community. This approach gives the conference a unique atmosphere that is both relaxed and inspiring.

There will be workshops, insightful presentations, experience reports, and much more to keep you engaged throughout the event.

We believe that continuous learning is the key to staying ahead, and that is why we have put together this conference to help you build your knowledge and learn from the best. Whether you are new to agile or a seasoned practitioner, this event has something for everyone.


The Venue

Our conference will take place at Let’s meet Elewijt Center. It is our well known place that feels like home. It is located in Zemst near Mechelen (BE).

Wanna get a room?

Too book the hotel rooms, please call or mail Elewijt Center and mention that it is for the XP Days Benelux conference taking place on 28-29th of November, as we currently reserved all their rooms for us as they only have limited rooms available. 

Address of the parking: Berkenstraat,  1982 Elewijt


A big THANK YOU to our sponsors for helping in making this event happen! We are really grateful