The history of XP Day(s)

In 2000-2001 a group of people applying eXtreme Programming (XP) started up the Dutch and Belgian XP (now agile) user groups. More and more people attended the meetings and workshops. In 2003 we decided to follow in the footsteps of “XP Day London” and organise a one-day event, alternating between locations in The Netherlands and Belgium. All the programs and conference materials of previous years are available on this site.

The “XP Day” started out as a one-day conference with 4+1 track and 85 participants. As we got more and more presenters and participants, we scaled the conference up to two days and 5+ tracks. To keep the sessions interactive, we limit the number of participants to 30 per track, or 150 in total.

As the XP Days sold out, we needed to find a way to grow without compromising on the unique qualities that make XP Days Benelux “XP Days Benelux”: plenty of room to meet and discuss every one, a limited number of participants for a mostly interactive session, a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Instead of scaling up further, we decided to “scale-out”: between 2009 and 2014, we rerun some of the favourite sessions of the previous year’s XP Days at the “Mini XP Day”, a one day conference with three tracks. Mini XP Day is ideal if you’ve missed XP Days or if you want to get a “taste” of what XP Days is.